The process of submitting an online request for a Thailand Tourism Standard Evaluation process. The Thailand Tourism Standard Evaluation process consists of simple 4 steps.

                 Step 1 Fill out information : To submit an evaluation request, An organization is required to create an account on the website and login before proceeding further. Then select “Submit a Request” from the menu. Choose the status “Submitting Request”. Then select a request form according to the type of Standard Certification you would like to achieve.

                 Step 2 Submit document files : Then press “Create a Request Form” In order to complete this step, all required information must be filled out with all necessary document files uploaded. There are 8 necessary documents; Once all the requirements are in order, click “Accept” to submit the request form. The system will then inform you about the status of your request. When a new request is submitted, the system will file the request into the database. The Review Committee who are responsible for investigating the submitted requests will then call upon a request for further reviews, and determine whether it is approved or not before entering the approval result into the system. The system will report the approval result to the organization through the contact information listed in the form. In case of insufficient supplementary materials, the Review Committee will notify the organization for a resubmission and the system will keep users updated on the status through email. Organizations can also log on to the website to check the review status at any time. With the complete request form, the process moves on to

                 Step 3 Wait for the certification : The Review Committee will make an appointment to visit the organization and conduct the evaluation. If any deficiency is observed during the evaluation, the Review Committee will notify the organization for further improvement.

                 Step 4  Grant the standard Emblem : The Review Committee will present the Standard Certificate to the organization that has passed the evaluation process and will forward the evaluation result to Department of Tourism. In the last step, Department of Tourism will authorize the Standard Certificate by granting a Thailand Tourism Emblem to the organizations that have passed the evaluation and certification processes. Your organization will now have a Thailand Tourism Emblem To represent the certified standards of quality and the services you have to offer. The whole process is designed to facilitate users to benefit from the supports of Thailand Tourism Standards in order to promote tourism in your organization, Benefit more in the future, and leave longer lasting impressions for tourists. Easy, right? Through these simple steps of requesting for Standard Evaluation, You only have to fill out information, submit document files; and wait for the certification; That’s all it takes to promote your organization and gain more trusts from tourists.

“ Thailand Tourism Standard web database”

“Thailand Tourism Standards For Thailand Economic Sustainability”

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